Saturday, 28 September 2013

One Direction and a Chat!

Hi everyone! So, I have been absent with the polish posts for a while but I will be back with them soon! 

I have had a busy past couple of weeks. I have been on uni holidays but of course still have so much work to do which sucks! I am working tomorrow so have naked nails and have just not felt like painting them. I hope I get this drive back soon so I can get back into swatching and taking polish photos! I can't wait until uni finishes and I can relax (sort of)! I now have One Direction to talk about, so if you are not a fan look away now :P 

A friend got tickets to their show Tuesday night here in Adelaide and I was so so happy! She is my chummy and I love her so much for doing it. She did not like One Direction before the concert but I can happily say she is now a 1D convert and is almost as obsessed as I am. Their show was absolutely brilliant. They were on time, utilised the stage so well and chatted with the crowd! They are so funny too! A lot of people just cringe when you mention 1D but I don't know why that is. They are the nicest guys and I am so proud to be a fan. I would have loved to have met them whilst they were here however they were staying an hour out of the city (sensibly to avoid the crazed fans :P) and I had work and other things on...NOOO! I will share with you a few photos from the night, we had fantastic seats and could see them so well!!! I was singing along the whole time of course and took 183 photos - I DO NOT remember taking that many! 

They came so close at one point it was so good!!! So now that my best friend is a huge fan like me, we were talking after the show and saying how we had to go and see them in London some day, it would be so cool etc etc.

Turns out, that may come a reality. There have been new dates added for their shows and I am patiently waiting for the tickets to come on sale so I can purchase them!!! Thats right everyone, I am going to the UK next year!!! I am so so so so excited about this! It has all seemed to fall into place so easily. If I can get these tickets then we are on the way. We are planning on doing a Contiki tour whilst over there to make the most of the time. The show we are (fingers crossed) attending is not until June so I have plenty of time to work and save as much money as possible. This will be made a lot easier thanks to my degree finally finishing at the end of the year!!! 

I could squeal and dance around the lounge room right now I am so happy. I may in fact do that! All you people out there in London, get ready! We are coming! We have friends over there too so I will be able to see them and have a wonderful catch up! 

Sorry for the sort of long gushing about 1D post :P I wanted to share this with you all and hopefully in the next 45 minutes I will know if we have secured seats to one of the 1D shows in London!!! It could not be better!!! I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend :) 

Em x 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi everyone! I have been so busy with uni lately and havent had time to sit and do a proper blog post but I will soon as it is holidays next week! In other news, my friend got two tickets to the ONE DIRECTION concert from her brother and I am going with her !!! It is Tuesday night and I am so so so over the moon with excitement! I am such a fan girl but I cant help that when it comes to 1D. Had to share that with you all, I am squealing with excitement as she only told me about an hour ago!!! 

Have a wonderful day and I will be back soon with a whole new blog post for you!

Em x 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

My new tattoo...

Hi everyone! I wanted to share this with you. I got my third tattoo today! My brother was getting one on his arm finished and I had been thinking about getting a small bird for a while so I went with him to his session today and the girl said she could fit me in too! How happy I was!

This little bird has very special meaning to me and I was incredibly pleased with the job Kylie did. I took in a couple of photos for her as I liked a few different designs so she drew this up and incorporated it all in for me! I have cream on it in this photo hence why it is shiny haha. It took her about 20 minutes to complete and yes some parts hurt more than others but all in all it was not too bad! It is always worth it in the end! 

My brother took these photos, he likes to think of himself as a professional photographer :P It faces away from me and is the perfect size. It is about as large as a 10c piece. Whilst waiting in the shop, I spotted a model of a Ulysses Butterfly on the shelf and the colour was just stunning. I asked Kylie about it and she said she had actually matched that colour to another girls tattoo just before mine and she could absolutely do the same thing for me. She used two different blues and white. 

To finish, we had to do an outdoor shot. This shows where it is on my wrist and how it is facing. I just realised my naked nails make an appearance in this photo lol. I had glad wrap on it when it was finished, just to protect it whilst we drove home and that seems to have left a nice red mark on my arm, yay haha. 

Just a quick post but I had to share this with all of you. It is the smallest of my tattoos and definitely my favourite one. 

Have you got any tattoos? 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!! :D Em x 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bella Belle Nail Couture "Prince George"

By now you may know that I LOVE anything to do with the Royal Family. Kate, William and now George are my favourite Royals ever. I was browsing Facebook one night and came across an Australian Indie brand by the name of Bella Belle. I ventured to their page and was hooked as soon as I saw the first swatch of one of their polishes. It was just after Prince George was born and I could not believe when I saw a polish that Vicky (creator and polish whiz) had created a baby blue polish called Prince George. I knew I had to have it. This is my first Bella Belle polish and I ordered another yesterday, I couldn't resist. Bella Belle is owned by Vicky and she is based in Melbourne, Australia. Her polishes are all devine, just take a look for yourselves! 

Prince George is a wonderful baby blue based polish with small blue and gold glitter flecks and larger gold hexagonal pieces. How incredible. I do like wearing blue polishes but I have never found one where I think WOW its beautiful! Until now. I took this shot outside and it is just fantastic, I have no words. The label is so elegant too!

Indoors with flash. Vicky is so creative, each and every polish she has for sale on her Etsy shop comes with a matching ring, it is so pretty! This was 2 coats of Prince George, no top coat and it applied like butter. The first coat was quite sheer but once I added a second, it was completely opaque. I didn't have much trouble with glitter distribution either. Some of the larger pieces did not want to come out of the bottle so more shaking is needed for that! Completely my fault, no way the polishes!

You can see in my bottle how all the glitter has settled, I am not a very good shaker lol. This is one of my all time favourite polishes. Yes, because it is called Prince George but also because of the colour. I am also not a huge glitter polish fan if you hadn't noticed but this one I love. An opaque base colour where you can still easily see the glitter. That's what I like! 

I hope you like these swatches of Prince George! I have discovered a beautiful brand and I HAD to share it with all of you. Vicky has this and more polishes available on her Etsy shop and they range in price from $8 - $11. They are also "5-free". At this stage, shipping is only available within Australia but hopefully once word about these gets out, Vicky can expand her business! 

If you don't have anything like this in your stash already (I certainly didn't!) then you really need it. Enjoy! I get excited every time I look at this polish :)

Em x 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" & "Frutti Petutie"

I have had a much better polish day today! Yay! I am a member of many nail polish groups on Facebook and one girl from Australia was saying how Sally Hansen were doing a gift with purchase deal at Priceline. I love me a good gift with purchase and I could not resist one to do with nail polish so I went to the shops the next day! The deal was spend $20 on ANY products in the Sally Hansen range and get a free gift worth $53.30 or something near that amount. The freebies were fantastic, I will show you them in another post but today I will show you the polishes I bought to make it to $20. I decided on Frutti Petutie from the Salon Manicure range ($15.95) and Mint Sorbet from the Xtreme Wear range ($6.95). These colours are so bright and happy, I was very pleased with my choices. To showcase them both, I went with Frutti Petutie as an accent nail. Both colours were 2 coats, no top coat.

Slight painting mishap on a few fingers :P Mint Sorbet and Frutti Petutie. Both beautiful colours. I really like the mint colour, I didn't find it too similar to Essie Mint Candy Apple which was nice! For $7 I think this is a great colour to add to any collection, the name is yummy too! 

It was hard to capture the real colour of Frutti Petutie. It is much more red in these photos but in real life it is so hard to describe, sort of a dark hot pink I guess. Application of both colours was wonderful, Mint Sorbet applied slightly streaky on the first coat but when I looked back and it had dried, it was completely evened out. 

Outdoor shot. It is overcast today and very warm! You can get a better look at the real colour of Frutti Petutie here. I think this looks great outside :)

Very impressed with my Sally Hansen purchases! I will show you the colour I got in the free gift soon - there was a Salon Manicure colour, a nail board, base and top coat :) The Xtreme Wear range is probably my favourite out of Sally Hansen's polishes. The brush is great and they always last forever on my nails! Have you tried any of these colours or ranges? 

More colours to come soon! I have just finished a swap with a girl in the US and am waiting on my package, there are some beauties coming to me that's for sure! So excited!

Em x 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro "Disco Fever"

I just can't seem to get enough of the new line of Salon Pro nail polish by Rimmel. I have gone from never trying one of their polishes to now having 3. The colours, formula and end result are just awesome (on a couple of them!) So, after wearing Jazz Funk - a pinky rose colour - first, I decided to go for purple this time.  Disco Fever is one colour I was ummming and ahhhhing about before I thought "why not" and put it into my shopping basket and am half and half about this one...It is a purple colour (not too dark but not too sheer) with a hint of shimmer! Love me some shimmer! The formula however is a different story. 

Left to right: Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Disco Fever

Above are the 3 Salon Pro polishes I far. I love the design of the lid, each one has the Rimmel crown indented in the top. I also love how they have the name clearly printed on the front of the bottle. It may not be in huge font but it is large enough to read and means you don't have to look at the underside of each bottle you pick up. Taking this photo slightly annoyed me as the lids didn't line up and all face the right way lol but hey, movin' on! I have already shown you Jazz Funk so onto the second polish I decided to try - Disco Fever! 

Disco Fever is a bright purple with some hidden shimmer in it. The shimmer is not as obvious on the nail as it is in the bottle which is a pity. The formula is definitely not my favourite. It is quite sheer and I had major problems with patchiness. I am so unhappy with these pictures, my nails are so short and excuse the shocking painting on my middle finger :(

Ugh not happy. I did 3 coats on my middle finger and 2 on all the other fingers. You can see the patchiness on my ring finger, this polish just didn't work out for me. I got it on my cuticles on my middle finger and that was it. It did not want to budge. Ew. 

You can see the shimmer a lot more in this picture, that is what I liked about this polish in the first place! 

Outdoor shot. On the plus side, this dried so shiny it was incredible! You can see the reflection of the trees on my nails! How awesome!

Ok so quite an unsuccessful polish I have here. The colour is nice but the formula did not want to work for me. I was surprised as Jazz Funk which I had reviewed first was just fantastic and is a colour I absolutely adore. I am hoping Hip Hop is nicer to me, fingers crossed. Sorry Rimmel but this polish is going in my swap/give away pile, not impressed.

Have you tried this colour and had a totally different result?

Enjoy the day! Hopefully my next polish swatching is much much more successful for you! Em x