Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro "Disco Fever"

I just can't seem to get enough of the new line of Salon Pro nail polish by Rimmel. I have gone from never trying one of their polishes to now having 3. The colours, formula and end result are just awesome (on a couple of them!) So, after wearing Jazz Funk - a pinky rose colour - first, I decided to go for purple this time.  Disco Fever is one colour I was ummming and ahhhhing about before I thought "why not" and put it into my shopping basket and am half and half about this one...It is a purple colour (not too dark but not too sheer) with a hint of shimmer! Love me some shimmer! The formula however is a different story. 

Left to right: Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Disco Fever

Above are the 3 Salon Pro polishes I have...so far. I love the design of the lid, each one has the Rimmel crown indented in the top. I also love how they have the name clearly printed on the front of the bottle. It may not be in huge font but it is large enough to read and means you don't have to look at the underside of each bottle you pick up. Taking this photo slightly annoyed me as the lids didn't line up and all face the right way lol but hey, movin' on! I have already shown you Jazz Funk so onto the second polish I decided to try - Disco Fever! 

Disco Fever is a bright purple with some hidden shimmer in it. The shimmer is not as obvious on the nail as it is in the bottle which is a pity. The formula is definitely not my favourite. It is quite sheer and I had major problems with patchiness. I am so unhappy with these pictures, my nails are so short and excuse the shocking painting on my middle finger :(

Ugh not happy. I did 3 coats on my middle finger and 2 on all the other fingers. You can see the patchiness on my ring finger, this polish just didn't work out for me. I got it on my cuticles on my middle finger and that was it. It did not want to budge. Ew. 

You can see the shimmer a lot more in this picture, that is what I liked about this polish in the first place! 

Outdoor shot. On the plus side, this dried so shiny it was incredible! You can see the reflection of the trees on my nails! How awesome!

Ok so quite an unsuccessful polish I have here. The colour is nice but the formula did not want to work for me. I was surprised as Jazz Funk which I had reviewed first was just fantastic and is a colour I absolutely adore. I am hoping Hip Hop is nicer to me, fingers crossed. Sorry Rimmel but this polish is going in my swap/give away pile, not impressed.

Have you tried this colour and had a totally different result?

Enjoy the day! Hopefully my next polish swatching is much much more successful for you! Em x  


  1. Never tried this particular line so it was great to see you swatch a color for us :) Its a lovely shimmer color too.

    1. Oh thanks Lisa :) Hopefully the next colour I show you will be more successful!