Monday, 29 April 2013

Review: Butter LONDON "No More Waity, Katie"

Hi everyone! This is my second review on my blog and I am so excited!

The polish I am showing you today is Butter LONDON'S No More Waity Katie! I have a love hate relationship with this polish. I love the name and the colour and the idea behind it, I am obsessed with Kate Middleton, love her and think she is amazing. This was the polish that got my obsession started in the first place. It is a grey/dark purple/mushroomy polish that has a slightly jelly base and tonnes of purple glitter through it. I bought this and wore it the first time and loved it. However, now I am beginning to despair. The formula is pretty terrible. I had read reviews and heard about it before but refused to believe it and wanted to try it for myself.

I put two coats of this on about 10 minutes ago and it looked ok. Yes, it was thick, goopy and dragged terribly but I left it on. Until I knocked one nail and it looked terrible, then they all seemed to go down like dominoes and I ended up taking it off. I couldn't stand it! Which made me so sad because I loved this when I first got it! Still love it! Loathe the formula!
Removal is a whole other story. I have glitter everywhere, I dont know if anyone else experienced this as well but, shocking.
I will show you the swatches, they look ok, mind the dust particles on the bottle haha.

Butter LONDON "No More Waity, Katie" - Looks so nice and pretty in the bottle! 

You can see the glitter and natural colour in my pointer finger, this was natural light, no flash. Yes my nails are short, I am waiting for them to grow nicely but I have to have shorter nails for work and cant wear polish there either :(

First coat on my pointer, you can see the uneven spread and dragging near the cuticle. Ugh. The second coat does even it out and I love the finished look but it just didnt want to work for me today. 

I am hoping I can enjoy this polish more one day, maybe when I get my hands on some nail polish thinner I can give it another shot. 

Butter LONDON is one of my favourite polish brands and I LOVE the look of NMWK but the application and formula has a lot to be desired! I am hoping their new shade "Pitter Patter" will be more successful!

Em x 


  1. I didn't like this polish at all when I first wore it. But I layered it over Zoya Caitlin (which is a really dark purple/grey) and it looked awesome! I just had to change my expectation for what I thought it should look like. I learned to appreciate that it's more of a matte glitter and it helps a lot to layer it over something darker. I have it on my blog if you want to check it out:) Don't lose hope!

  2. I'll have to find that polish and give it a shot! Its one of my favourites I have to wear it again! :)

  3. Very cute name. Not a big fan of butter london.