Monday, 15 July 2013

OPI "Can't Let Go" Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! I am back!!! It has been way too long since I did my last blog post that was actually related to nail polish! :P Today I have for you my first, yes first textured polish! It is a liquid sand from the Mariah Carey Collection by OPI. I can't believe it took me so long to jump on the textured bandwagon, I am in love with this polish! As you probably know, I went for a quick visit to Melbourne over the weekend and stayed with friends. I had to get some polishes of course! I stopped at the OPI counter and saw this one just sitting by itself and thought wow look at that purple! Textured too, why not! I didn't know it was part of a collection until a wonderful girl on Facebook let me know! Can't Let Go is a lovely purple base with large and small pieces of glitter and shimmer, totally diva like, just like Mariah :P Here are my swatches!

Can't Let Go. I adore this purple it is fantastic! Application for this was a breeze. I am not a glitter polish person so wearing this was completely out of my nail comfort zone! The formula was great, I thought with glitter it would be gloopy and hard to work with but it was the absolute opposite. I didn't have to do any clean up! So happy. Yes, the brush was wider and fatter than I like but I am getting used to the OPI brushes now and the brush didn't affect my application at all!!!

This had such a great shimmer to it! Slightly blurred so you can see that! There is even some red in there which you can't see on the nail but the photo shows it wonderfully! Some of the larger glitter pieces were dispersed a little unevenly, on my pointer finger I seem to have heaps but on my little finger I actually have no larger pieces. This is the only "bad" thing I have to say about the polish and really, it doesn't concern me in the least! 

Bottle shot. So so happy with this! See the blue shimmer that comes out too! Love it. I was tossing up between this and one of the Bond Girl polishes and so glad I decided on this. My love for purple won me over, along with the fact I had never heard of this polish before and I can now see myself becoming a glitter polish fan too! 

The colour in the bottle was quite close to that which transferred onto the nail so I was very pleased! The texture of this liquid sand is so cool! I can't stop playing with my nails lol. I used two coats of Can't Let Go with a base coat. I thought without a top coat it would chip so easily and I would lose the effect of it right away but so far so good! No chipping or anything yet, another bonus!

I took this shot outside just this morning. The weather here at the moment is cold, dull and raining so not too bright but you can see the matte look of the polish and the texture. I did the dishes last night and everything and the polish has completely stayed in place. You can see the amount of hexagonal purple glitter on my pointer compared to the other fingers but I like it! 

I will leave you with one of the many pictures I took on my trip. This little koala posed for the perfect camera shot. Most photos I took on my phone, so when I figure out how to get them from there to my computer I will show you some more :)

I love my first liquid sand polish. OPI is steadily becoming a brand of polish I love again (not loving the price here, thats for sure! This one cost me $19.95!). Can't Let Go is the perfect mix of purple, shimmer and glitter and I am so happy with it. Fabulous in every way, they have done a great job with this one. If you haven't tried it, you really should give it a go, the finished look is just stunning! Next on my OPI wishlist is Yoga Ta Get This Blue (if anyone has this and wants to swap/sell, please let me know!!!). What OPI polishes do you love? 

Have a beautiful day and I will be back soon, I have missed blogging and nail painting so so much! Fingers crossed I won't have to work until Thursday so I can play with another polish before then :P 

Em x 


  1. I have the mini of this one and it really is a beautiful purple. It's so blue that it's more like violet. :) But YIKES, you poor thing...having to pay that much! :(

    1. It is very colour changing isn't it Mel! Yes it is terrible, no wonder my OPI collection consists of only 3 polishes at the moment!

  2. This polish looks really nice - it has the perfect combo of texture, purple and glitter! And that koala.. aww :3