Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Baby Cambridge Inspired Nails!

Hi all! I have a quick post for you today, I would have posted this a week ago but have been caught up starting uni again and working, the joys of study haha. I was ecstatic to hear the news that Kate had given birth to a baby boy, I was jumping around the house for days! I decided to wear my new Inglot shade, #687, which is a gorgeous bright blue, in honour of Prince George's birth! 

#687. I also had to use Butter London's Pitter Patter as an accent nail, how could I resist!? This shade was so easy to apply, I loved it. This was two coats of both #687 and Pitter Patter and I think they work so well together! One downside to the Inglot shade was staining :/ I took it off and my nails were (and still are!) yellow :( Interestingly enough, Pitter Patter left no trace of staining whatsoever and it is the much darker colour! I have had this problem with blue shades before which is such a pity as it is fabulous!

I am sorry that this was such a quick post, I am waiting on an order from Born Pretty Store which includes stamping plates etc. I have never tired any nail art so I can't wait to give it a shot :) Hopefully I get that soon and I will have an abundance of posts for you. I may have gone to the shops yesterday and purchased Inglot #304 (I am obsessed now). It was $8 and is a beautiful pink/orange shimmer shade, cant wait to try it!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this! I have already grabbed all the magazines I could get my hands on to do with Prince George's birth :P I am so happy!!! 

Have a great day, Em x 


  1. Cute manicure to celebrate :)

  2. I love that blue! I actually thought of YOU when they announced the baby's birth! Gotta love blogging buds. ;)