Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish Review - "Jazz Funk"

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for not having blogged for a while! It feels like I have been away forever! I have just been getting back into the swing of uni and figuring out my timetable and things like that but I am back! So, shopping with mum is always dangerous and I spent $100 in Priceline yesterday (the Aussie equivalent to Boots and places like that I believe, but about half the size lol). Only $16 was on nail polish and I was very proud of myself. After reading an awesome review by the hilarious and wonderful Essiebutton, love this girl, I decided I just had to have a few of the new Rimmel Salon Pro polishes. Kate Moss designed 10 of the colours I believe and the ones with her signature on them distinguish these. I didn't realise until I got home that both the colours I got were designed by her :) I picked up Disco Fever and Jazz Funk. Today I have Jass Funk to show you and oh my god I freaking LOVE this!!! It is a beautiful pink/rose colour and it dries with an almost gel like finish. It is so shiny! 

Get a load of this baby haha. This is two coats with a top coat. I was deliberating for a while about the top coat as I didn't know if it needed one or not. I went for it just as added protection against chipping. These polishes are promised to last for 10 days without chipping so let the experiment begin! The sun is shining today so I went for a natural photo, no flash. 

With flash. I love the bottles and the formula on these polishes. It had a large, flat brush and you know my obsession with small brushes as I seem to have tiny nails...well...this was the exception. I found the brush extremely easy to use and my overall look didn't turn out as messy as I thought it would. Success! I won't be as picky with my brushes now :P Two coats of this polish applied like butter. You could probably get away with one coat if you made it quite thick. 

Ok the weird combination of natural light and flash makes it look like I have chips out of the tips of my polish. This is not the case. I have slight tip wear on my middle finger and I think I have determined the culprit. Does anyone else seem to get itches everywhere right after they've painted their nails? I know, its weird but I do. I always try not to itch as it will ruin my nails...extremely annoying. Anyways, I think this makes the tip wear a little faster. Odd rant over lol. 

I really like this photo. Stole some flowers mum got for her birthday and took a photo with them :) Yellow and pink is a great colour match. No flowers were harmed in the making of this post and they are now back in their vase :P 

If you are looking for a well priced drugstore nail polish, Rimmel is a great bet. This is the first Rimmel I tried (never got around those fat brushes) and I am glad I grabbed some. Thanks Essiebutton! I purchased this for $8.95. Not the cheapest but I would buy heaps more of the range they're that good. Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are and I will be back soon! I have missed my little blog community too much! Em x  


  1. Thanks Lisa! If you are online now let me know and send me an email? Have a favour to ask :P xx

  2. Hi, Em! Melissa and I were talking about you a few hours before you posted this! I was talking about how much I missed your posts, and was hoping everything was alright. I'm glad you're back! This shade looks lovely on you! So fun and shiny/squishy looking. :D

  3. Aw Clare you are a gem! How spooky lol! Oh I am glad someone enjoys my posts enough to miss them when I don't do them for a while! Thank you! It is such an awesome squishy shade haha I want to get Hip Hop from this range too! More squishiness! :D