Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hand Creams - Tried and Tested

Hi all. I have been deliberating for a while as to whether I should mix my blog up a tad and include reviews of a whole range of products apart from nail polish and tonight I decided "why not", so here I present to you my first non-polish related post (sort of) all about the hand creams I love to use. I have always had dry hands and it gets especially bad in winter. I distinctly remember having such dry hands that I had little cuts all over my fingers and they would bleed and were so sore. Mum said no more and bought some cotton gloves for me and proceeded to slather cream all over my hands at night, putting the gloves on and telling me to go to bed. I was slightly perplexed but that first morning I woke up and saw my hands, wow. It really worked. Always listen to your Mum! :P 

The creams:

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr - Daily Hand Cream - This is one of my favourite hand cream. It smells absolutely beautiful, not too overpowering but still enough to make you want to smell your hands all the time. The non-greasy formula is another major bonus and it soaks in quickly so you don't leave greasy fingerprints wherever you go.

Loccitane Dry Skin Hand Cream - I got this as a sample in a magazine and boy was I impressed. It smells like shea butter which is glorious and a small amount goes a very long way. It comes in one of those aluminium tubes which I think are great, you can tell a bit easier when you are getting low on product. 

Endota Spa Lavender and Alpine Pepper Hand Cream - Beautiful product. This small sample tube was $10 and lasts a while. Smell absolutely positively devine, can't get enough of it. Another non-greasy formula. Love. 

Sukin Hand and Nail Cream - Came as a buy one get one free with another of their products. This cream is not my favourite and I haven't used it in a while to be honest. Quite greasy and doesn't soak into your hands very well.

Neutrogena Hand Cream - The famous "slather on at night with gloves" hand cream. Absolute saviour for my hands when they are incredibly dry. It is very thick and probably not the best to use during the day but at night, a total winner.

So there you have it everyone, my first post off the topic of nail polish. My favourite hand creams are by KORA and Loccitane (they don't dull nail polish either!!! Some creams have this effect on polish). They both do wonders for dry skin and have a lovely formula. I am really excited about mixing up my blog, I love having a small page all to myself :) What hand creams do you use?   

Em x  


  1. Great reviews on all these hand creams! I didn't use to them before but with my job npw, I had to start using one since my hands were getting extremely dry. I'm using one from Jergens right now and I like it :)

  2. I use Lemony Flutter on my cuticles and fingertips at night and Earth Therapeutics Hand and Cuticle Cream during the day. I work in paper, and my hands are always horribly dry. :( I like your beauty-related post...very succinct, which is great for reading. ;)

  3. Thanks girlies :) Ive always been curious about that Lemony Flutter cuticle balm stuff Mel! :P I hate dry hands :( Success! I am glad you enjoyed my new post! xxx

  4. This is such a useful post as I had never bothered to use hand creams, but I think I should now - I think I will give Loccitane a go as it should be available here! :)