Monday, 19 August 2013

L’Oréal EverPure Range

I love washing my hair. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is a big selling point for me, so when I saw one of my favourite Bloggers/YouTubers, Essiebutton, raving about the smell and just pure goodness of this L’Oréal EverPure range, I had to have it :P This range is for colour treated hair which is just perfect for me. I get my hair colour touched up every 8 weeks or so and I want my hair in the best condition it can be with colour in it. It is also sulphate free which was another selling point. Let me begin by saying, this range smells AMAZING!!! As Estee put it, it's like you are in a day spa or something, which is completely and utterly true. Yum! I went out and purchased the shampoo and conditioner first and loved it that much that I got the leave in conditioner and the moisture mask. 

L’Oréal EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner - $14.99 ea
These products are simply fantastic. I got the moisture shampoo and conditioner as my hair gets extremely dry. Shampoo first, I love a shampoo that lathers up lots, it feels like I am washing my hair more :P so I was so pleased when this shampoo did exactly that. You only need a small amount of product and this froths up like nothing I've ever seen before. It feels great on my hair, leaves it squeaky clean and doesn't leave that annoying residue. The scent of this one is Rosemary and Juniper. So delicious, it makes me enjoy washing my hair so much! The conditioner is equally amazing. Again, a small amount of the product goes a long way and it smells like Rosemary and Mint. I prefer the scent of this one, so so so beautiful I just can't describe it! I leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes or so then rinse it out. I have noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair over the past few weeks of using these products. It is soft and shiny and my colour definitely has not faded as much as I have noticed previously. 

L’Oréal EverPure Moisture Leave-In Conditioner - $9.99
Leave-in conditioner is a must for me. I can't comb my hair properly if I don't apply some sort of leave-in product. I got this on special at the local chemist so I apologise if the price is not correct for this one. Another Rosemary and Mint scented product from EverPure, schwing! This leave-in conditioner is very concentrated so I use one pump after I have towel dried my hair. I apply it just on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair as sometimes it leaves the hair feeling slightly stiff (no other way to describe it but a little run through the hair with your fingers and it is all good). It is a clear serum that is slightly runny but nothing too drastic. My hair smells and feels amazing after it dries (I do not blow-dry my hair) and I do not wake up with greasy hair, another amazing bonus! 

L’Oréal EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque - $13.99
Finally, the hair mask. I make sure to use a treatment for my hair at least once a week. I shampoo first then apply this to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair and give it a quick comb through with my fingers. I leave it on for 5-10 minutes then rinse. I may go slightly crazy with this product and use more than is needed - it's the Rosemary and Mint smell again, I can't resist - but it always rinses out easily and doesn't leave my hair greasy. I am so pleased with the condition of my hair after using this mask, it is shiny and silky and easy to work with. It makes me feel like I am actually restoring moisture to my hair, wahoo! 

There you have it, my rundown on the L’Oréal EverPure Haircare Range. I am so happy I invested in these products, they seem to be widely available here and I can already see the positive effect is it having on the condition of my hair. They smell amazing (try it for yourself!) and are not extremely overpriced either. The packaging being pink and purple is also something I love :) 

Have you tried the L’Oréal EverPure or any of their other haircare ranges? What do you think?

Enjoy the day! The sun was shining when I took these photos and 10 minutes later it poured with rain and it is so dark outside haha. Em x   


  1. My sister is using this line and I think she likes it. Great review!

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I am glad you like it. Ooh smell it if you can haha :P

  2. I have never seen these in stores, but they must be great! I wish I could try them out, my hair is dry too :)