Monday, 10 June 2013

Colour Club - "Wild At Heart"

Hi everyone! I feel so bad not posting for nearly a week! My how work and uni annoys me sometimes!!! Ok short and sweet post today (well I'll try :P). Here is Colour Club Wild At Heart. I got this off ebay for about $6 I think it was and wow. Just wow. It is a holographic purple. I thought it would be nearly a dupe for a-England's Lady of the Lake but nope! They are close however I found WAH to have a stronger holographic finish. Yes I said it. Something slightly superior to a-England in something. I know. This was a one coater, really. I nearly left it at one coat but my habit got the better of me and I did two. Swatches below! 

Absolutely beautiful colour. I must admit I bought this for the name at first as I already have a holo purple lol but so glad I did! This was 2 coats, which applied like butter I might add, topped off with my trusty Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat. 

Look at that. Orange, red, blue, pink, green shimmer, the list goes on. I looked at this under strong light and my nails were purple and orange with the strength of the shimmer, like fire. Of course I couldn't catch this in a photo! 

I can't stop looking at my nails. This is a colour that looks much better on the nails that in the bottle. You can't see a lot of the holographic goodness in the bottle but on the nail, wow! 

Ok, so this photo shows heaps of the holographic colour in the bottle lol. The brush was perfect for my little nails, I was so pleased. You get a decent size bottle too which is nice although I've never used up a bottle of polish before...

There you have it! Wild At Heart is a stunning colour, I really like it. I don't know if I like it more than Lady of the Lake though...they're both divine! I really need to try a few more Colour Club polishes now :D I hope you had a good weekend, wherever you are and I will try not leave it so long between posts again!

Love Em x 


  1. Wow, Em! This is amazing! I really, really need this polish!

  2. Hey girlie! I was about to shoot you an email and see what was up with you! :) Now I know you were probably out of commission because this gorgeous polish had BLOWN YOUR MIND!! It's completely beautiful. I love that last bottle shot. :)

  3. Wow pretty holographic purple! It basically shines every color :D

  4. Really beautiful color!! I have to put it on my wish list!!

  5. Isnt it fantastic! I was so surprised at the depth of colour!!! Lol Mel I totally was! Remind me when I finish uni to get a job where I can wear nail polish, I wont survive otherwise!!! :D

  6. That looks so awesome - I love the holo effect! *I need some* ;)