Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sunshine Award Nomination!

Hi all! I am so lucky to have such beautiful friends in the blogging world. The fabulous Jem from London Varnish, Mel from Lacquer Reverie and Clare from Perfectly Painted kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Thank you so much girls! 

The Rules of the Sunshine Award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you - of course!
Post the award logo on your blog
Nominate 5 blogs that you love
Share 7 facts about yourself

Here we go!

7 Facts About Myself

1. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science at University and hope this takes me into the animal world. I would love to work at Australia or Taronga Zoo or even somewhere overseas, it has always been my dream to work with animals!
2. I spend most of my time in my pj's. Ok not really, but when I am home from uni, get home from being out or don't have to be anywhere I always throw my pj pants on. 
3. I have mentioned this before but I am a complete bookworm. I can't name my favourite book, I have wayyy too many and had to buy extra shelving from IKEA just to house my ever growing collection.
4. Going to London has been a dream of mine since I was 5. I remember in class when we were about that age we had to draw our timeline. I added London in there somewhere, of course I had never been but I knew I wanted to! :P
5. I always add Raw Cacao Powder to my cereal. I don't know why, it is bitter and tastes kind of funny but it is very good for you and I like it, strange, I know. 
6. Criminal Minds is one of my favourite TV shows EVER! I have always loved it and hate that we are behind other countries episode wise, it is so frustrating! For those who know what I am talking about, the most recent episode we was was when Reed was going to meet his mystery girl but thought he saw her stalker and turned her away. There is a new episode on tonight, yay!
7. I went to an agricultural high school and one of our lessons was spent learning to drive a tractor. Completely random, I know, but so much fun. I haven't driven one since. Lol!

My Sunshine Award Nominees:

Crystal from CD Designs 92
Clare from Perfectly Painted
Katie from Katie Does Nails
Jayna from The Sequined Nail

I hope you all enjoyed reading these facts about me! Thank you again girls for nominating me :) 

Have a great day, Em x  


  1. I love Criminal Minds too! I just started watching it with my sister this year and we love it :) Congrats on the award :)

  2. It is such a great show! Thank you Lisa :)

  3. Your blog is awesome! You should visit London one day, it's a nice place, but there aren't any tractors for you to drive haha ;)

  4. Thanks Jem! It is on the top of my wish list and a friend just moved there so I can stay with her :P Haha bugga the tractor driving was great fun! Lol

  5. This is such a fun post to read! The tractor driving sounds pretty awesome ;)