Saturday, 15 June 2013

Treasures By Tan - "Amazon Dreams"

Hi again! I am back today with a gorgeous polish to show you. I was browsing Etsy, as us polish addicts do, and came across Amazon Dreams by Treasures By Tan. I was so excited to get this polish. I browsed Tan's shop and this one stood out the most to me and when I got it in the mail I could barely contain my excitement :P Amazon Dreams is such a hard colour to describe. It is an orangey/pinky/peachy holographic which shimmers green and yellow and changes in different lights. This is the colour I would use exactly to describe the Amazon River! The Amazon River is a lot dirtier but it just makes sense to me :) It actually reminded me of the beautiful Amazon or Pink River Dolphin, whichever name you may know it by. These dolphins are incredibly beautiful and extremely endangered. I would love to work to help the species one day! Here is a picture, had to show you :) Slightly picture heavy post too but I know you won't mind :P

They have the most unique colouring and Amazon Dreams just brought forward many thoughts of these dolphins and cruising down the river :) Now, onto the swatches!!!

Stunning. Just stunning. This was a beauty to photograph, the holographic effect is so visible and shows up beautifully. I am just in awe!!! It dried very fast too! 

Look!!! Lol. This was slightly blurred to show holoness and it does not disappoint. Green and yellow show through incredibly well. I took these photos in natural lighting with a flash. The only thing that I was disappointed about was the opacity on this polish. I expected it to be quite thick and strong in colour however the first coat was incredibly thin. This is 3 coats, no top coat and in real life there is still the sightest VNL. Only downside here. 

Bottle shot. I love the gorgeous little labels! I have a tattoo with butterflies in it so really love them :) You get a very decent amount of polish which is good as I can see myself wearing this A LOT in the future! The brush was perfect too, I know, I know, I have a small obsession with brushes LOL but when they are the best size for my nails, you have to know! I see blue holo in this, even more in awe! 

I just can't stop with the photos. No description needed here!

This was taken without the flash. You can see the sheerness a lot more in this photo but now I am really not fussed about that. It is too beautiful haha. Slight VNL on index finger, nothing too obvious :)

For those who knew I was debating about phones, here it is! I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy Express :D It had too many good comments on here and I got the last white one, I was so excited! It goes quite well with the polish too if I don't say so myself :P I am so glad I went with this one, I can't stop playing on it and testing the features. Next mission - take a polish shot and see how it turns out! 

Outdoor shot. Decided to grab one before the rain sets in for the day :P Orange really shines in this photo and remember, no top coat!!!

Well there you have this picture heavy post. I am so glad I came across Tan's shop on esty and whilst linking you that, I have seen two more of her polishes I want, dammit! LOL. I got this for $10 AUD plus shipping which I was ecstatic with! If you are looking for a unique holographic polish, you must check out Treasures By Tan. She has done the most incredible job on all of her shades and I know I will be buying more payday in fact... :D I hope you like my swatches, I was really happy with these! 

Have a beautiful weekend, Em x  


  1. This is such a pretty holo! It looks great on your nails and I love it!

  2. Wow... You are absolutely right. This is beautiful and looks GREAT on you. I have never heard of this brand... Blast that Etsy!! :P. Hmmmm I just can't quite be sure if you liked it or not! LOL!!

  3. This polish is great - I have never seen a holo paired with this colour, so it is really unique! And Samsung phones rock :D

  4. Awesome polish! And congrats on the looks cute ;)

  5. Such a pretty holo! And your nails are so cuuute!

  6. It is very unique! Thank you my sensational blogger friends :D