Monday, 24 June 2013

Polished London - "London Eye"

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I was working the most part and had exam revision to do, first of three exams tomorrow, eek! Today I have a wonderfully bright polish for you. This is one of four (yes four) Polished London colours I bought online. I was so happy I could actually get these! London Eye is an orange creme colour and it is so bright and lovely! At first I wasn't sure about this colour, it looked slightly darker in the bottle but on the nail I think it has come out great! All the colours I got are inspired by places in London, I hit the jackpot with them! Will show you the others soon :) In the meantime, swatches of London Eye below! 

London Eye. Such a bold colour, I love it! Excuse the dodgy application and looking at the photos I only just realised I nicked my pinky, bugger! This was 2 easy coats with no top coat! So shiny! Taken in natural light without a flash. Looks so much nicer in the natural light than it did with the flash. Glad the sun is partially shining today!

Bottle shot. Love the label on the bottle! Application was great, the polish was slightly thin I found but it was fine to apply, better than trying to work with thick, goopy polish! I thought it would need quite a few coats to become opaque but 2 was perfect. First coat there was a slight visible nail line, my nails are so white and show through anything lol. Again, a perfect size brush for my nails :P

I couldn't believe how shiny this was without a top coat, amazing! You only get 10ml in the bottle but I think this is a great amount, I have never used a polish up and would rather have a small amount than heaps and not use it all!

Had to throw in a shot of the iconic London Eye :) Has anyone ever been on it? 

So there you have it. Polished London's "London Eye". A great orange in my opinion, nice and bright and I didn't think it gave me lobster hands either :P I went onto their website to purchase these but they don't ship to Australia so I followed a series of links until I found a place that did! They were about $7 where I got them from which I think was pretty good! I can't wait to show you the others I got...coming soon! 

Have a great Monday, Em x 


  1. Its a lovely shade of orange! Love that its so shiny without a top coat too :)

  2. That is so shiny and pretty! You make me want this polish! It looks great on you:)

  3. It is such a pretty orange! I agree, the label is lovely also.

  4. This is a great orange shade. I'm not a huge orange fan, but they all look so good on you! :)

  5. Thanks girls! I was apprehensive at first but it is a beautiful shade! :) x x

  6. Good luck with your exams! :D
    I've been on the London Eye - you can see where I live on it haha!
    It looks like a brilliant bold colour - and it looks really shiny - must be really good quality!