Sunday, 5 May 2013

a-england - "Dragon"

Hello again! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Today, another a-england polish. These are such beauties I just had to show you more, I couldn't resist. Dragon is another polish from The Mythicals Collection by the wonderful Adina. It is a gorgeous green holographic polish with yellow, blue even orange shimmer in there! It is so much like what I imagine a dragons scale would look like! I am thrilled with this, all swatches are with one coat, yes ONE COAT! Brilliant! 

Dragon, completely opaque in one coat, incredible! Didn't notice I missed some of my pinky until I saw the photos, oops! 

Look at that holographic goodness!

You can see the blue and orange particles in the bottle, gorgeous. 

I took this last photo without the flash just to show the natural colour, the mossy green base really shows through, you can't pass it up!

I hope you enjoy this a-england post, the polishes are all simply stunning and you NEED to look at the a-england website. I am just in awe of Adina and what she has created and I believe she is working on some new shades! Wonderful! 

Please leave a comment or send me an email, I would love to know if you are all enjoying these posts and if you have any other ideas for polishes I should purchase/swatch! 

Em x 


  1. Wow that polish is gorgeous!

  2. This is really pretty. Never have I seen a moss green holo. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. :)

  3. Oh thank you Courtney!!! I will get onto my answers now :D

  4. I have never tried a-enland, but I do have a couple on my wishlist. This is beautiful!

  5. Essie you will not be disappointed! They are all stunning!