Friday, 24 May 2013

Chick Nail Polish - "Hen House" Nail Mail Part 3!

Hi everyone! I feel weird not posting for even a few days! I had to work on Thursday and am working again on Sunday and can't wear any nail polish so haven't had any on for a few days, it feels so weird! Anyway, I have more nail mail to show you today, yes more, I know! Lol. I was browsing Llarowe, as us polish fanatics do (much to the sadness of my bank account) and came across the 3 free brand Chick. I loved the name of the brand so had to delve further and was very impressed with what I saw! I decided to pick up 2 polishes and today I am going to show you one I was quite fascinated with, Hen House. I can wear this until Sunday morning so I am going to enjoy it while I can :P 

I never wear dark colours and I don't know why because I think they are so elegant and stand out against my pale skin, so I thought I would take the plunge and buy one. Hen House is a luxurious, rich, deep, dark berry colour. You could say it's vampy, personally, I still don't understand that term for nail polishes but oh well, it is vampy too. Here are the swatches!

Artificial light and flash. I enhanced this one so you could see a little of the dark plum on the nail (ring finger has some on the edges :P) which showed through more with 1 coat however it needed 2 as it was a tad streaky but still very pigmented. The only downside of such a rich polish is that the flaws are virtually impossible to hide but the end result far outweighs this for me.

I wanted to show you the bottle. This is closer to the real colour than the one on my nails, it looks quite dark but there is a rich berry colour in there, see!? I like that it doesn't have a very distinct black base, I prefer warm colours in the base, not a harsh black.

Application of this polish was fabulous. Great sized brush and the formula was a dream to work with. This is 2 easy coats, no top coat. Polishes like this that work well are always a winner with me. 

Chick's description of this polish is great - Your mother might call this color vampy, but your friends will call it the perfect go to color for the fall and winter. With one coat it is a deep berry, with two the effect is an even deeper darker berry. I would wear this colour all year round it is beautiful. 

The end result is quite a high shine finish, especially without a top coat! Love the label too :)

I am glad I found Chick Nail Polish. Browsing Llarowe does have it's benefits lol. I can't wait to wear the other Chick polish I bought and if it's anything like Hen House, I know I won't be disappointed. This 3 free brand is fantastic and you really need to have a squiz at their range! You can buy them from Llarowe and their website and they retail for $8 but I believe they only ship to the U.S from there. Dark colours are growing on me now and after wearing this one I am going to go through a lot more! (I have Essie's "Little Brown Dress" waiting to be worn). Enjoy my photos, I find polishes that are hardest to capture on camera are usually the most beautiful in real life. 

Weekend time, woohoo! Have a wonderful time,

Em x 


  1. That white highlight really annoys me, why does that happen!?!?!?!

  2. I love polishes like this with pale skin. I wear mine all year round. This looks like black cherry! :) Hey, when you are writing your post, make your "text background" the same color of pink as the background and see if that helps.

  3. I haven't tried this brand yet, but I do think their label is adorable! Your swatches are so pretty! Definitely a nice color.

  4. Lol it is so hard to capture an accurate colour ! Thanks Mel, will give that a shot :) Thank you! I love the little bird haha :P

  5. This looks so pretty on you. I LOVE dark polish on shorter nails. It makes me want to go file mine down right now:)

  6. Thank you Essie! I was very wary and hate having short nails for work but I was pleasantly surprised! Short nails do work! :)

  7. This colour looks gorgeous and your nails are painted really neatly - and the bottle is so cute! It's a shame they don't ship to the UK :( What's the other Chick colour you got? :)

  8. Aw Jem thanks, I am getting better with painting my nails now lol! Check on Llarowe, I'm sure they ship to the UK! :) I got Raven's Egg...tried to apply it tonight and take is opaque in one coat and completely gorgeous but I couldnt do it neatly and took it off and it has stained my nails, fingers and cuticles sooo bad :( I will try again in a couple of days and hopefully I will have better luck then! :)