Saturday, 18 May 2013

Essie - "Bond With Whomever" Nail Mail Part 1!

Hi again! Today I have swatches of the new Essie shade I ordered. Getting nail mail is so exciting, especially when you have ordered so many that you don't know which polish it could be! :P So I got Essie's Bond With Whomever from their Madison Ave-Hue Spring 2013 Collection. Each of the 6 shades are completely gorgeous and inspired by some of the world's most fashionable destinations. I went to order Avenue Maintain (a gorgeous blue) first however the seller said it was leaking and could I choose another so I went with Bond With Whomever. Boy am I glad I did! I LOVE any purple on my nails and this is now officially one of my favourite shades of lacquer I own. It is a beautiful lilac/lavender creme inspired by London that looks fantastic on the nail. Not only am I obsessed with London and so happy I got this, I just can't stop looking at my nails. Application was a breeze, first coat was slightly streaky and I couldn't see much colour, causing a mini freak out of "omg what is this?!" but then a second coat evened it out completely and it was fully opaque. It is also perfectly self levelling and the brush strokes you see as you paint disappear within seconds. Enough gushing, onto my swatches!

This is 2 coats of Bond With Whomever with a coat of Sally Hansen's Insta Dri top coat. 

So nice and purple and creamy! I had read previous reviews about this and some people needed 3 coats for full opacity but I had no trouble with 2. 

Just love looking at this. A perfect lilac shade. I already know I will wear this time and time again!

It came with the smaller Essie brush. I am so pleased!!!

Another beautiful winner from Essie.

There you have it. My new favourite shade. I feel so elegant wearing this but is also a somewhat bright and happy colour I find too :) Formula, application and overall finish of this is amazing, just like many of the other Essie colours I own. I will be showing you all quite a few more, I just can't help myself! An affordable brand that (for me) has great staying power and a huge array of shades. All Essie shades are available here and they all retail for $8. Go and pick up Bond With Whomever today, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, Em x 


  1. Such a pretty purple! :)

  2. I love this purple...I love about any purple, but this is lovely! :)

  3. Me too! It is a beautiful shade! :)

  4. I have so many different lilac's but this one is so pretty!

  5. I am so in love with this! I used to have my bedroom walls this colour haha

  6. Hi Em!!
    Just getting back to you about the blog sale items you wanted. They are still available =)
    Email me and i'll give you my paypal details and we can go from there!