Monday, 20 May 2013

Butter LONDON - "Posh Bird" Nail Mail Part 2!

Hi again everyone! I have a Butter London beauty to share with you today. The wonderful Essie from I Heart Pretty Polish kindly sent me a couple of polishes I had been dying to get! This is already one of my favourite new polishes. I know I will be wearing it again and again. Posh Bird (love the name!) is a mushroomy/taupe colour with hints of purple that flash through in certain lights. It also has silver shimmer throughout it which makes it even more amazing!

Posh Bird in artificial lighting with flash. The formula of this was wonderful. If you painted it thick enough it could be a one coater but I had a bit of balding so did two just to even it all out and as you can see it is perfect! I also used my Sally Hansen top coat. I seem to have a bad habit lately of doing my manicure and taking photos without top coat then knocking a nail and having to start all over again so I decided to completely finish this one first!

No flash this time. It is really colour accurate in the photos too. I am already planning the next time I will wear this! Application was a breeze and I like how it doesn't seem to accentuate my short nails too much, (I had to cut them for work, hate that!) or maybe thats just me!

You can see the shimmer, so pretty! As soon as I started applying it I was in love, Butter London brushes are my favourite and are so easy to work with. The colour to me is exactly what you see in the bottle which is a big plus, some polishes are so much darker/lighter on the nail!

My pinky looks so fat! Lol. I believe this was initially released as part of New York Fashion Week and is now a US exclusive. So lucky to have a beautiful friend in the US! 

Well there you have it. Nail Mail is a wonderful thing, especially when it is from a good friend and it's Butter LONDON! One of my favourite brands! Posh Bird is available on the Butter London website but if you're not in the US I'm sure eBay and many other places would stock it! They certainly should! I am so grateful to Essie for convincing me to get this and sending it to me, another favourite from Butter LONDON, they never disappoint!   

Have a great night, Em x 


  1. This looks really good on you! Your pinky does NOT look fat!! And yes, Essie is a wonderful friend. :)

  2. Thank you Mel! Lol I was holding the bottle too hard and squished my finger haha. She is great! :) As are you :) x

  3. That is so pretty! Love how shimmery it is. :)

  4. I love the colour - you are so lucky to be able to get US exclusives!

  5. Thank you girls! Jem I am lucky to have friends in the US! Lol.

  6. This color is really pretty!! I've never tried Butter London polishes but they seem really nice. Nail Mail is the best!!!

  7. Thanks Cat! You really have to, they are fantastic! I got more nail mail yesterday, I have problems haha :P