Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: Essie - "Mint Candy Apple"

Hi all! Just a quick post today. I decided to wear one of my favourite Essie colours, Mint Candy Apple. I got this a while ago and it is such a gorgeous colour. Nice cool mint with fantastic shine. It also reminds me of the KORA Organics packaging from Miranda Kerr's skin care range (I swear by her range, let me know if you are interested in a review). It is nearly identical! The only thing I didn't like about this was the brush. I got a wide, fat one and I have quite small nails which makes it harder to operate. All my other Essie polishes have the small brush and I think the wider one is newer?? If I had the slimmer brush with this one I would be happy! 
All swatches are with 2 coats of Mint Candy Apple, no top coat! I also decided to do an accent nail with a-england's gorgeous silver glitter "Merlin". Love it!

Mint Candy Apple. Such a bright colour, first coat went on a little thin however another coat evened it out perfectly. 

Merlin looks great with this colour!

So glad I have this colour in my collection, I am getting better with application too! 

Essie bottles are one of my favourites as well. Love the raised Essie name, quite elegant. All photos taken with flash and in artificial light. 

I do love Essie nail polishes, their formula and bottle design is amazing! I have a few more I have ordered off eBay as they cost $18.95 for one bottle in stores here, which is absolutely ridiculous when they retail for $8 if that! Check out the Essie website to see all their colours, I am going to have to invest in quite a few more of these that's for sure. Have a great night, wherever you are reading from. 

Em x 


  1. Mint Candy Apple is such a classic Essie shade:) Love it. And this looks so cute!

  2. I really want this polish, it's so pretty!

  3. Thanks girls! It really is an Essie classic ! :)