Wednesday, 1 May 2013

piCture pOlish - "Majesty"

Hello again everyone! Happy first day of May! I have another beautiful polish to show you today. It is Majesty, a collaboration shade done by piCture pOlish and Sahrish Adeel. Majesty is a gorgeous gold nail polish with gold, pink and green shimmer, it even looks nude in some light. It is quite spectacular really, different angles show different colours. One minute it is gold, the next a green shimmer shows through and other angles it is a light pink. 

The formula this polish has is fantastic. The brush handle is very easy to grip and gives you a steady application. It dries very quickly which is also a bonus. I love that you can get different looks with 1, 2 or 3 coats of this polish. For a muted, nude shimmer you can apply one coat but 3 coats totally changes it to a bright, sparkly polish. I think the name suits this so well, I do feel so elegant and "majestic" when I wear this polish! Now enough of my rambling, onto the swatches!

Majesty - love the bottles and labels on these polishes!

One coat of Majesty. You can see it is quite sheer, still a VNL.

Two coats, getting more opaque and you can see green, pink and even blue shimmer!

Here is Majesty with 3 coats! Completely opaque and looks devine, so much shimmer! Excuse some dodgy application :P

I had to take a photo outside, gold glorious gold!

That is Majesty. A wonderful polish that I love wearing, always get complements and it shines in every light!
piCture pOlish stock a range of colours and you have to check out their collaboration shades, they are all stunning! Here is where you can have a peep, the polishes range from $10 AUD upwards and are completely worth it! Great job pp & Sahrish!

Em x 


  1. That is so pretty!

  2. It builds very nicely. I thought it wasn't gonna get opaque. Looks great on you.