Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Swatches and Review: piCture pOlish "Paradise"

I am so thrilled to bring you today's post. It is one of the other piCture pOlish shades I own, Paradise, a collaboration shade with Liquid Jelly. This beauty is a darkish blue/turquoise base with pink shimmer and large pink glitter pieces throughout. The slogan on the bottle is "beautiful & lovely a state of delight!" This really is beautiful and lovely! I am just in awe of this shade. It is incredible and impossible to capture just one colour in it. The formula of this polish was quite thick but very easy to work with. I have quite a few pictures, I couldn't resist, it is amazing! All pictures are 3 coats of Paradise, no top coat :)

Taken outside, the sun is shining today! Look at that depth of colour! 

Natural light, in the shade. The glitter transfers beautifully onto the nail. 

You can see how packed full of colour this is, I have never seen a polish like it!

Paradise in the shade - stunning colours

What a polish! I have to say, I think I prefer Paradise to Majesty, the other piCture pOlish shade I have. I love blues and with pink shimmer and glitter, this one is top notch! A wonderful collaboration shade, have a look at piCture pOlish for more details. Liquid Jelly did a great job on this shade, to this day I haven't spotted a dupe yet! I think this is something we should all have in our stash, so unique and everyone seems to love it! It is so eye catching :) Do you own any piCture pOlish shades, or Paradise? 

Have a beautiful day, Em x 


  1. Wow, I love this one too! You have great taste in polish!!! I have never tried this brand and you make me want to...

  2. You really should!!! I may have to purchase a couple more of their shades, can't resist!