Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Swatches and Review: Essie "Tea and Crumpets"

Hi all! Hope you've had a great day, I have another Essie favourite of mine for you, Tea and Crumpets. I am a huge fan of Essie and I got this polish off eBay for a bargain :) always love a polish special! I felt like wearing a nude colour today so I chose this one. It is a very nude light light caramel/tea/beige colour with a touch of shimmer, it almost looks metallic in some lights. I used 2 coats of Tea and Crumpets with no top coat and it is a lovely polish. The only thing that annoyed me was it does leave visible brush strokes. As long as you are careful it isn't too bad but it does frustrate me sometimes, especially if my hand is shaky! Anyway, onto the swatches.

Such a hard polish to photograph! All photos are with a flash and in artificial light.

A great nude in my opinion.

You can see a slight shimmer/metallic look to the finish.

I found that 2 coats was still slightly sheer and I have a little VNL but nothing too obvious.

Hope you are liking my posts as much as I love creating them. Check out the Essie website for all their colours, there are loads! If I were ever to have tea and crumpets with the Queen :P or even Kate Middleton (love her!) then this would be the polish I would wear!

Em x 


  1. What a pretty polish! I've never heard of this one. Have I mentioned that I love your cute little nails??? :)

  2. It is! I saw it and had to have it! Hehe thank you E! :)