Saturday, 11 May 2013

Orly "Rage"

Hi again! Today's post is more successful than the last one let me tell you that! I was just having a very bad day painting my nails! I thought I would show you Orly Rage. I got this in a mini bottle as they didn't have the big sizes here (of course!). It is a rose gold, metallic, sparkly polish that changes colour in different lights, it is gorgeous, I love it! Application was perfect, the brush is really nice to use and if you are careful enough you could get away with one coat, however I did two just out of habit and I think it evens it all out nicely :) You may be able to see very very slight brush strokes in the pictures but after looking at my finished nails, they didn't seem to obvious, not like some polishes I have come across in the past! I don't quite understand the name "Rage" for this polish, it is a very feminine and elegant colour in my opinion! Not something I associate with rage but oh well! Swatches galore below! 

Rage! Really love this colour, mum was eyeing it off! :P

All photos are with a flash. Colour is so hard to properly describe, some lights it looks metallic/foil like and others it is almost pink!

Even though it was a mini bottle, application was as easy as pie. 

There is a hidden shimmer to this which makes me love it even more :)

If you haven't tried an Orly polish yet, you should. I first saw this when I was watching youtube videos by Essiebutton and had to try it out. My first Orly so far and after this one, I know I have to have more of them! Just like most other nail polishes! :P I love my obsession :D Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and this gives you polish inspiration if you are looking for a new and unique shade :)

Em x 


  1. I have Rage and love it! What a great color. :)

  2. It is fantastic! I may need to search for the larger bottle! :P

  3. I have Rage too and love it! And I love Essie Button! I watch her too...she makes me laugh.

  4. She is hilarious! Such a great person too! :)