Friday, 10 May 2013

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant - "Forever Frosted"

Hi everyone! A new post for you today, I finally got my hands on one of the new Covergirl polishes. They had a buy one get one free deal so I decided on this and another lavender shade. Jennifer Lawrence wore this to the Oscars and it is a fabulously glamorous shade. Another celeb wearing a shade I had to have, yes I know but it is Covergirl and each polish was $6! Super, super pale, frosty pink that applies effortlessly. This does go on slightly streaky first coat, however another one evens it out and it self levels quite well. The other thing I love it that with 1, 2 or 3 coats you can totally change the look, from nude "your nails but better" nails, to a gorgeous almost white bridal type colour. 
As you can see in the pic below, the bottle design is so cute, love the square look and the cap is quite easy to handle. I found you can take the "lid" off to reveal a small round handle underneath, like the Butter London polishes. 

This is Jen with the shade on, looks very elegant and goes perfectly with her dress. Had to throw that picture in there too :P Now, onto my swatches! All pictures are 2 coats of Forever Frosted, no top coat and taken in artificial light and with the flash except the last pic :) 

Forever Frosted. I have to say, I'm not completely happy with the finished look, 2 coats is still a bit streaky and I just am not a huge fan at the moment. It looks great on and I wish I could pull it off, maybe I am having a bad polish day today :(

With the bottle. Excuse my dry hands, I get terrible cuts and everything on my fingers from dry skin it is terribly annoying! 

Took this one without the flash, more natural look at the colour.

Well, I have to say I am not 100% happy with the end result of this polish, the application and colour is great but I just couldn't get it to work for me today! Hopefully I have more luck with it next time, I would love it to turn out as well as it did with JLaw! 

Have a great weekend, yay! Em x 


  1. I think it looks really pretty on you! Speaking if Jen - do you like Hunger Games? I loved the books and the movie. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

  2. Thanks Essie! I may have to give it another go soon...I love the Hunger Games! I read the books then passed them onto Dad and he loved them too! I am very excited for the next movie :D