Thursday, 2 May 2013

ncLA - "Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me!"

I am so excited for this post today! 
I am a big Miley Cyrus fan, yes laugh if you want, I know some people dislike her immensely but I love her style and just her in general haha. I was looking for manicures she has worn and came across one I absolutely adored. I found a photo of her wearing the actual polish and needed to have it immediately! It is called Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me, a creamy, peachy, bright but pale orange that was just calling my name!

Miley wearing Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me.

It is by ncLA, a Los Angeles created 5 - Free nail lacquer brand. I tried to find as many reviews as I could for this, however there didn't seem to be many at all! So I went on a quest to find and actually purchase a bottle for myself. Unfortunately, like a lot of other sites, ncLA does not ship to Australia :( so I had to do a bit more digging. I came across a blog (cant remember who's, but was an Australian girl) and she had used this shade in some nail art. I kept looking and she got hers from Kamali Moon, so I had a look and they are based in Australia! I was so excited! I found the shade I was dying to get, it was $16 for a 15ml bottle which is quite extravagant for me, however I had to have it and delivery was very reasonable. I ordered on Sunday and received the polish on Wednesday which is fantastic! They even threw in a strawberry Chupa Chup! How nice! 

It was packaged beautifully, with hot pink shredded paper enclosing the polish, which actually comes in its own box! I have never seen this before! So glad I made this purchase, the polish is amazing, take a look!

Check out this box! Pretty awesome!

Love the bottle! The brush was fantastic and handle very easy to control.

Such a bright and happy colour, mind the application :P Love the look this gives, so so happy!

All photos are three coats of polish and no top coat. Was slightly streaky at first, which is what to expect with most bright colours, but perfectly self levelling and turned out well if I don't say so myself!

So there you have "Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me", a gorgeous bright colour that I think looks amazing, so glad I spotted the picture of Miley wearing this, completely worth it!
I will be wearing this one for a while! 

I would LOVE to try some more of ncLA's polishes but it is a pity they are so expensive! Hope you enjoy the swatches, leave me a comment :)

Em x 


  1. This is such a pretty polish on you! That does stink that they are $16 though :-/

  2. Thank you! I know its so annoying! But Butter LONDON's are $22 online here, thats the only way to get them that I know of and Essie in one shop here is $18.95 a bottle! :O